Flagstaff Sunset

We have some of the most amazing sunsets here in Flagstaff and especially during the monsoon season. This is by far, my favorite time of year up here in Northern Arizona. I am no expert at photographing sunsets, nor am I patient enough to get the perfect shot… but here are a few shots from last night. I was awe struck, there are not many views that get better than this!

This photo (above) is my view from the kitchen window! And it’s also the view from our back patio area. Honestly, this photo doesn’t even look real to me, nor does it look half as amazing as the real thing.

This is the side view from my house. The sunset was literally surrounding us and it was so totally captivating!! I just wish I had a lens that was a little wider. I seriously couldn’t take enough pictures to do this sunset justice! It was truly amazing.


here is the view that I woke up to on Monday morning!!! Holy smokes! Fantastic. I feel like I’m on vacation. How surreal is this? Love it!

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