Calico ghost town

I have vacation on my mind… maybe that’s because we are leaving to Maui this Sunday, I am so flipping’ EXCITED!!!

I have been to Maui once before, Christmas 2004 was my first and the last time I visited the tropical paradise. I had, as you’ve probably guessed, an amazing time. I was a new mommy of a beautiful, healthy 7 month old at the time and it turned out to be a perfect family vacation.

Since we are headed on our first big family vacation in years, I thought it’d be great time to share some of our other family adventures. Although we haven’t been on many big vacations, we have been on many trips (places that we can get via car). From camping to boating and finding random spots on our numerous road trips to San Diego, we have had many fun-filled adventures.

Today, I want to share Calico with you. Calico is a great little ghost town outside of Barstow, California. This is the route we take to go back home to San Diego. My husband and boys travel this road at least 6 times a year. I was traveling it a lot prior to moving to Flagstaff, but now I am usually the one staying home while they hang with dad on fun and/or business trips to SD.

If you are ever in this neck of the woods, near Barstow, Calico is a great place to stop and hang out for a few hours. We had a really fun time.

From panning for gold (the kids especially loved this and I loved the misters) to trekking around the old town, it was a great time. I think the pictures really speak for themselves.

I especially enjoyed the old wood everywhere. I loved the worn out pine flooring in the stores, the weathered wood siding on the buildings, wooden trunks, etc.

The view had to be one of the best parts of the town, I mean wow! Amazing.

The kids liked looking into the old saloon, jail and black smith shop. But they especially loved the mine. We walked down an authentic copper mine, SO COOL!! Before going into the mine, we panned for gold (had to get some ‘feel’ for what the miners were doing back in the day.

And a few more pictures… how great is that church? And that amazing wood building that housed the blacksmith shop, so great! I’m telling ya’ Calico is a super neat place to visit.




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