boys room progress

Our boys are almost 3 years apart and although that seems like quite a big gap, they have always shared a room. Pretty much since baby #2 was born, he and his big brother have been in the same room together. My eldest son transitioned to a big boy bed before his baby brother was born (we needed the crib and he was old enough to get a bigger bed).  He was about 28 months when he started transitioning/sleeping in the big boy bed and about 5 months later his new baby brother came along and together they were the perfect roommates. We were so excited for our big guy to get his own bed and boy did he get the coolest bed ever!!! Okay, so I picked it out and I have always loved it more than anyone else, the Pottery Barn boat bed (so timeless) will always tug at my heart strings {sigh}.

Fast forward to our big move to Flagstaff. My eldest is 6, my little guy is 3. Maybe it’s the second child thing but our youngest was sleeping in the trundle of the boat bed for over a year  & we promised that he could have the *oh so wonderful* boat bed once we were moved and settled in Flagstaff (sounds sad, he didn’t have a bed but really, it worked out very well, I promise). We knew our littlest one couldn’t sleep in the trundle, on the crib mattress, forever and we needed a plan… a bunk bed plan to be specific.  My 6 year old (at the time) was ecstatic to have a bunk bed and my youngest was super excited to be in the “big boy boat bed”.

Problem solved.

In order to keep the boat bed and have a loft/bunk that would accommodate the unusual length (but nothing too high, our boys are still young and most loft beds are way too high), we needed to build something. Here’s where the amazing Ana White comes to our rescue. We used her plan for the super simple “fort bed”, customized it a tiny bit (to fit our needs) and WOW, here is how it turned out:

We were rather pleased with ourselves and happy to accommodate both of our boys while keeping the boat bed and continuing to have them in one room. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ~ temporarily…

We loved how the overall look of the room felt with the simple Fort Bed and the fact that we could customize the bunk since we built it… GO US! Adding the unused book shelves (from the newborn nursery days, obviously I don’t throw much away) I felt like we really utilized what we had and kept a good budget for the entire project {for everything: from the new twin mattress to the wood, paint and misc. supplies, we spent just under $370}

Here we are now, 2 years later. The room pretty much looks the same other than the new floors we installed last summer. We still haven’t painted or put up baseboards (lazy us… distracted us).

Now, as you may have guessed, my baby boy is 5 1/2 and he too wants a bunk bed (it’s only fair, right?). BUT WAIT?!! Does that mean that after only 6 short years, the cherished boat bed may be put on the chopping block? Say it isn’t so! Maybe I can store it away, like I did with that book shelf that now is super useful on the fort bed?! Or, maybe not. {sad face}.

It’s time to move on. Sometimes change is hard.

Let’s recap; here is the room before we moved in:

Can you see that lovely “sponge” painting on the blue walls? oh My! The only paint this room has ever seen is when I had a random burst of energy one night (maybe I was drinking) and I painted the back wall a deep red. Other than that and the new floors last summer, this room has gone untouched.

In order to keep the boys in one room (and they actually requested to stay together), and have two bunk beds… we are going to need to do some serious rearranging and utilize the closet on the other end of this rectangular room (as in tear it our so that we have space for the second bunk bed). This room is not very large and we want to utilize the space as best we can. We plan to build an identical bunk bed (same as the current fort bed we have) and put it on the opposite side of the window.

Here is a very rough idea of what I would like to do (and picture this mirrored on both sides of the room, flanking the window):

And mirror this exactly on the other side of the room.

I am trying to get as much use out of their spaces as possible.

Here is the plan:

* desk under bed, this gives us room to grow and a designated work space for each boy

* bunk bed with curtain to create privacy/reading nook when needed/wanted. Each boy can have a private haven with curtains to close or leave open as they see fit. This also creates a fun place to sleep and a nice nook for reading: multiple purpose and fun.

* A built in bench seat under the window. We  love reading to (and with) our boys every night. I am not planning to climb up into those bunk beds to read every night and since we will not have a lower bed to all sit on together, a bench will be perfect. The super cute hanging pendant creates ample reading light and it’s fun (from pottery barn kids). Some storage in the bench for extra blankets and maybe a blow up bed for sleep overs. Again, multiple purpose area.

* A new ceiling fan (hallelujah!!). Something modern and sleek and not bulky. One we will not have to replace for a looooong time. A hugger fan, close to the ceiling will be essential since the ceilings are low in this room. A light would be great too.

* Task lighting near each headboard of the bunks. Great for reading and creating that nook feel for their own private spaces.

* last, but not least: pops of orange! Yes, it doesn’t seem to match, but that’s the fun of it. Things get too boring when there is a specific theme  & things look stale and too traditional (for me that is). So I am planning to add some color pop to keep the room fun, kid friendly and refreshing

One last look, side by side…

What do you think?  I am thinking.. WHEN CAN WE GET STARTED?!!! Whoo! Hoo!!

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