arc lamp love

Lately I’ve been on an arc lamp kick. I haven’t actually purchased one but I am am really itching to get my hands on one of these amazing lamps.

Originally, my first love was for this Nova Cleo lamp. I loved the stream lime looks and the fact that it was big on design and small on taking up space. Since my living room is narrow, and lightless, I thought this may be the answer to my light-less room (we took down the hideous ceiling fan and replaced it with a fan that doesn’t have a light).

On a random trip to World Market I stumbled upon this great arc styled lamp. I was excited to see an arc lamp in person and I loved the fact that this lamp had the option for changing out the shade, what a great idea! The shade on this lamp is fairly large and I am thinking the large shade may be a good fit for our narrow room (adding the circular element in a rectangular space). The only thing I wasn’t sure about was the oil rubbed bronze look/style of the lamp post. Either way, this lamp is a runner up and a good price considering the size and the options for changing the shade.

I am totally smitten with this arc lamp. I just love it! It’s very classic in it’s design and I am sure that it would be a timeless piece in our home. This lamp would probably be a #1 choice yet the price tag is a bit too steep for my budget therefore, unfortunately, this one won’t make the cut for final purchase. I had to show it to you though, isn’t it fabulous? P.S. I love those floors too!!

I know, this isn’t an arc lamp but it is similar in a few ways to my original love, the Nova. I like the slim design, it’s simplicity and that I could adjust the height to my hearts desire. It is also on sale right now, so this one may just be a front runner (when I finally decide to take the plunge and actually purchase).

But the more I look the more I love (shocking, I know). I am woman, therefore I am indecisive!! However, the more I look the more I find too, ugh!! Good thing I haven’t purchased anything because this Meryl Floor lamp is my #1 favorite as of this week! If you head over to the Crate and Barrel website you can see this lamp in multiple rooms. Seeing it in a room setting rather than a plain look, like the picture above, makes me want it love it even more!

I have to think about Hawaii for now, but when I’m back and trying to figure out our living room arrangement and lighting, I have a really good feeling that the Meryl floor lamp may find a place in our home… EEEK! That’s exciting!



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