Dog room


This isn’t the best picture to actually “take it all in”. And what I really mean is this room was hideous! I think this room may have been the reason people weren’t interested in buying our home… well lucky us then, because I knew I could transform it.

See that vinyl flooring. It’s a beauty. Well the photo makes it look better than it is. Let’s just say that when the neighbors dog comes over he can’t help but lift his leg an pee on this floor! Disgusting, right? It smells as bad as it looks.

The walls were covered in a mural. No, not the cute, artistic kind. The type of mural where you look, guess and assume what it was. To give some credit, I do have to say that I favored the murals (yes there are 3 rooms with murals and one is very large), more than the two tone sponge painting that was in nearly every other room of the house (gag!).

Hoewever, someone spent a bit of time muraling (is that a word?) and sponging our home so my apologies to whomever that was, I’m sure it was a lot of hard work, time and effort so I can’t fault anyone for that… it just wasn’t our taste.

So here are some “progress” pictures of the DOG room (I have future plans for this space but future means at least a year or two).

This is the “Dog Room” because our dogs spend more time in here than we do. They have a big, comfy bed that they snuggle on and their food is in here too.

Isn’t it great what a little paint can do?

This paint is also in my guest bedroom, it’s Peacock Blue from Home Depot. I freaking LOVE IT!! It’s bold, fun and bright… totally my thing! And accented with orange and yellow, it really adds drama. I am loving this room!

To really add some POP (with my favorite color) I spray painted the matting of three white Ikea frames (that I already had = score). I just used gloss orange spray paint, sprayed the mats in my garage (2 coats), then I added some scratch scrapbooking paper, put everything back into the Ikea frames and WHOA, awesome!! The white frame, orange matt, scrapbook paper and blue wall are a beautiful combination.

That cork board above the bench was originally black. It was from Ballard Design. I’ve had it for about 8 years and I love it. I wanted something to help take up the large, dead space in this vaulted room. The white was really working for me so I decided to spray the black frame white. Amazing transformation. I felt like I had a brand new bulletin board and all it took was a little bit of white spray paint!!! Easy-peasy!

The floor is ANOTHER PROJECT IN ITSELF! But, for now, it’s really working. It’s a quaint, fun little space.

Of course, I can’t forget to mention that sweet little $10 chandelier!!

YES, $10!!!

I bought an ugly (I mean ugly) chandelier at Goodwill, sprayed it with that same orange paint from the matting in the frames, and WOW!! It’s my favorite light fixture in our ENTIRE house!

I added those little crystals from an old (now broken) lamp I had (glad I kept them, love the way a few crystals can change the entire look… and now they are looking great on this SWEEET chandelier!

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