cute countertop idea

countertopsorganizingI love fun stuff on the counter in the kitchen but I also love the look of a clean, fuss-free counter as well. For me, cute has to also be functional. Our counter space is limited so I need to be careful not to clutter it up.

I have had two, large glass canisters (with lids) for quite some time. Here they are in the kitchen right after we started to get settled in.

I love these glass containers. I purchased them here. I actually went to the store and purchased them, I didn’t have them shipped. Very reasonable price at under $10 each… and that’s how I originally talked myself into buying them (before I even knew what I was going to do with them… bad Heidi!).

I brought them home, and there they sat… oh bother, how was I going to justify my purchase?? I think I have this dilemma too often! I find plenty of stuff that I love and want to have in my home but I am just not sure how or where to use a lot of things I “like”.

One thing I love to do in the kitchen is bake. And I especially enjoy doing it with my boys. My husband does all the cooking (lucky me) and I stick to the baking.

I knew our kitchen would eventually be white and black. I knew I wanted these glass containers on the “limited” counter space in the kitchen and they had to be functional (and used).

Here is what I cam up with {love it}:

EEK!!! I am super excited about these. Aren’t they lovely? One has flour and one has sugar! PERFECT! Okay, I do have to admit that we do most of our cooking with wheat flour, but I wanted white substance in the clear containers so I went with white, whole wheat flour and regular ole’ white sugar.

To top it off and give it an official ‘baking kitchen’ look I purchased these scoops on line. Super deal at $5 each, I couldn’t pass them up.

I am totally smitten with my canisters. They are very functional and the large mouth tops make it very easy for kid access too.


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