Craft Closet: part 1

Currently I craft out of a box. Seriously, I do not have a personal space in my entire house. Besides having my side of the bathroom vanity, my side of the bed, my side of the closet, etc., I don’t have an office, not even a designated work area (what a shame, right?! My thoughts exactly).

Hence, “Project Craft Closet”! Yeah!!

We currently have “Crap Closet”. Really, no joke. Crap closet/craft box is exactly what it is.

In our guest bedroom there is a large (long not deep) closet. It has lovely/ugly mirrored doors (3 to be exact) and a ton of crap stored inside. When I want to make a gift or wrap a present, I have to rummage through boxes, bags, shelves and so on. It is a major chore to say the least. It’s very discouraging to this crafty-design girl (somewhere in there I should mention that I might also be a little lazy since I’ve never taken the initiative to clean up that closet either).

Here is the shameful I can’t believe I am showing this picture in public photo of the crap closet:

Holy Toledo, that’s like a hoarders dream space!

Believe it or not, I have actually managed to use many things in this closet for the past two years, seems ridiculous that I’ve let it get so bad. However, those doors really are nice when I want to hide it all away!

STEP ONE of our Craft Closet Project…

CLEAN IT OUT! Oh Yeah! Good times.

That WAS a lot of work. And now all my “crap” is all over the guest bedroom. Delightful. Honestly, the guest bedroom is pretty cute. It’s very unfinished (as in there is no flooring and no bed frame, but other than that, it had a lot of potential). Needless to say, this whole craft project has turned our guest bedroom ugly again.

This is pretty embarrassing!

Keep your fingers crossed for a good outcome and for a quick one too!!


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