Chairs are here

This is exciting!!

The outdoor chairs that I ordered (from this post here) have arrived!!! WOW! Super fast.

I have to say, these chairs are GREAT! The quality more than meets my expectations, actually they are better than I had expected! They are sturdy, have a good weight to them, easy to fold and have a super cute little handle on the back to make them easy to move! A++

I am so impressed with Kmart! I will be going back to purchase future items for sure! From the quick shipping (and it was free on top of that) to the exceptional price and quality… wow! (I was not paid or promoted in any way, shape, or form… these are strictly my opinions, and my personal rating. I am not affiliated with Kmart in any way)

Overall Rating Scale: (1-4 HK rating scale - 1 = awful, will return it   2= don’t really like it but not worth the hassle to return it    3= I think it’ll grow on me   4= perfection, exactly what I was hoping for)

Quality – 4+

Color – 3

Looks – 4

Shipping – 4+

Overall - (can you guess?) 4

And now I think it’s time for a beach styled umbrella to complete the overall look!

What do you think…?

Maybe something fun like this one:

RIO 7' Tilt Beach Umbrella - Dick's Sporting Goods

  • Source: Dick’s Sporting Goods

OR ….

I am really loving this style too and those stripes are sweeeeeeet:

  • Source: Walmart

These are beautys:

  • Source:

And I’m a total sucker for black and white and stripes too (ohh. la, la):

  • Source: Houzz

And I love this yellow one:

Frankford Umbrella 7-5 ft. Patio Umbrella with Valance

  • Source: Hayneedle


I’m thinking almost anything will go with my favorite table (which we built from Ana’s plans here)… now I just need to make a decision!! For sure, as you can see from the photos, I don’t want just a traditional umbrella. I LOVE the beach umbrella look with the flaps. And hopefully some trim in white or a contrasting color {dreamy}!!

We shall see… until next time.


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