4th of July – web shopping

This 4th of July I hope to be kicking back at Lake Powell, relaxing with my family, taking in all the harmful sun rays I can handle! Truth be told, I love a good tan. I know, that’s awful and I will pay for it but at least I tan with spf 35. That’s good, right?

We won’t be having any big bbq’s or fancy shin-digs to attend.  However, I DO think it would be super fun to web shop to my hearts desire, hire a caterer (and a clean up crew)… and throw the biggest party ever!! A live band set up in the barn, all of our family and friends, plenty of food and all the time in the world would make for a wonderful 4th of July Party, wouldn’t it?

If money was no object & we were going to have a big bash, here are a few {dream} items I’d like to have/decorate my back yard:


Of course, a portable ice maker would be essential for party guests to keep their drinks cool!

We actually have one of these (in a smaller version) and we use it all the time, especially in the summer. It’s easy, fairly quick and super convenient.


I LOVE these red chairs. How fun would it be to have these fabulous guys around some white or maybe even rustic wooden tables and maybe even some blue umbrellas!! So fun!


This table is over-the-top gorgeous! Who wouldn’t love to have one of  these beauties? Okay, so a few of these tables or even just surfing craigslist for some wooden tables, all different… would be more affordable and very awesome!! But I am Web/window shopping here so I can dream and I can buy three of these tables! Oh yes, and 8 chairs at each table!!

While we are on the subject of seating/outdoor dining for my imaginary 4th of July party… I must add some hay bales! Whoop! Whoop! Functional & affordable and then when I am done having my big, swank party, I can use this stuff for my chicken coop… an all around perfect purchase. I would use these around the property for my guests to sit on, eat on, play on… whatever their hearts desire. Of course, I could swing by the local feed store and get these. Super easy.


I would HAVE TO have these at each of my awesome tables with the red cafe chairs!!! These would never be in my budget in the “real” world but I am decorating on monopoly money my friends… aren’t these umbrellas perfect for my 4th of July P A R T EEEE! Oh, yes, I believe they are just what the doctor ordered!!


Some of these simple yet cute, condiment caddy’s at each table, and a few more on the buffet (yes, I will need a buffet table with extras) for those who want to sit and eat wherever… the non-table folk.


Of course, besides having a caterer to cook, organize and serve our amazing BBQ’d meal (so that the hubby can actually have fun and not have to cook for once) we’d need a bartender too. What’s a party without some Shirley Temples for the kids and other goodies for the adults?!! So this portable bar would be a must have at my pretend party where money is no object (obviously).

This is FUN!

I am starting to get carried away. What would your over-the-top-anything-you-wanted party look like?

Happy “almost” 4th of July all!!

And just for fun, here is a Polyvore Mood Board of my personal 4th of July Style:

4th of July Fun





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