Bistro Chair Love

I LOVE color! I want to add more color outside. Here is my idea.

I LOOOOOOVE these chairs from Fermob. These are drool-worthy! But my pocket book isn’t fat enough to purchase 6 of these bad boys at this price.  I love quality and I want to try to go for more quality over quantity in my life, I just can’t do it for 6 of these… $600 is a bit steep for this girl.

IN COMES MY SEARCH… This is why Google rocks my world!! Search: “metal bistro chairs, folding”… AND THE WINNER IS …. KMART!!!!! Yes, KMART!!! Awesome! (yes, yes,… I know… didn’t I just say quality over quantity?)!

LOVELY, RIGHT? Are you as shocked as me? Kmart has just what I’m looking for!  Okay, so I’m a bit gitty over these chairs & at the great Kmart price, what’s a girl to do? This is an amazing deal for these chairs! (Iknow, I know… quality over quantity… maybe next time!!)

Originally I really wanted all red chairs…. but: …

Same chair, different colors, and different price? Hmmmm… how bad do I want red? I mean, I do see myself as a spray paint enthusiast so maybe I can just get the green chairs and spray them different colors (thinking of red and yellow, maybe even orange chairs… so many choices!!).

Let’s see the price difference in the shopping cart:

Okay, so it’s a little over $20 difference. But now I am thinking I want yellow too, and probably orange (of course). There are not any yellow or orange chairs available to purchase so I apparently I will be painting regardless of what I purchase.  I am going to buy the green chairs and use that $22 to purchase yellow and orange (& maybe even red) spray paint!


TOTAL = 6 green chairs @ $172.74 + free shipping + Tax $11.40 = GRAND TOTAL $184.14 – That’s $30 a chair. I’m stoked.

Can’t wait until these cute little chairs arrive and I can post some new pictures of the space!! Exciting!


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