DIY Lantern Pendant

I am totally smitten with the lantern pendants.

I NEED really want one in my kitchen.  But let’s be realistic, I have a lot of things on my need want list, so I need to keep it real and keep it cheap affordable. Most of the lanterns that I am really loving (like the yellow one below) are $$$$.  Plus, how am I going to live up to the name of HK Creations if I am not “creative” in my endeavors?


Here are some inspiration pictures for the creative juices:


I  LOOOOOVE this one! The bold yellow color is M A G I C A L!!! Source HERE 


Source – Barn light electric
Source: Pottery Barn
Source: Windsor
Fast forward to a little shopping trip at Tuesday Morning and…
…LOOK what I found {can you hear the excitement in my voice?? It’s high pitched and I may be jumping around!!):
Isn’t she a beauty? Just imagine the possabilities! Maybe even in YELLOW {gasp}!! I am too excited.
AND, it get’s better…
It was only $30!!!  Yes, it’s missing a piece of glass. No problem! Just eyeballing this lantern I can see that the glass size is about 8×10 in size. Either I can buy a piece or steal one from an unused frame!!
To my delight, I have found the perfect lantern. Now I need to take it from candles only to electric light pendant!
SO exciting!!
Stay tuned… Can’t wait to show you what I do with this little gem!

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