Birthday Count Down

We have a new tradition around here… the Birthday count down chain. This started with my youngest son, he asked me everyday, sometimes 4 or 5 times a day “how much longer until my birthday?”  In an effort to help him understand how long it would be until his big, special day, we mad a chain.

The boys and I cut different colors of construction paper into 2-3″ strips (this is super easy). Then I helped write the days on each strip. I gave each boy about 15 days (15 strips) and they made two sections of the chain that eventually became one long section. This way they were both involved!

We used glue at first them ended up with the stapler to put the strips together.

It’s almost finished!!

Once it’s all one, we hang it up (just use a tack) and the “soon-to-be” birthday boy tears off one section of the chain each day, and one by one the chain starts to get smaller and smaller until FINALLY, it’s BIRTHDAY time!!

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