Valentine Shirts

I usually try to order (Etsy has great shops for custom t-shirts) or when I can, I make cute shirts for the boys for some of the holiday’s (like Halloween, 4th of July and Valentine’s Day). My elder son is quickly growing out of this whole cute-shirt-made-by-mom thing so I am really trying to squeeze in as many custom shirts as I can!! I want to savor these moments, I can already see that it is not going to happen next Valentine’s day (at least not of my big boy Collin, he’s just not into it any more and I can’t blame him).

This year I made simple, heartbreaker shirts AND at the bottom of this post, you can download the template to make this shirt too! How fabulous is that? Pretty sweet I think! xoxo.

Here are my boys in their cute shirts:

For this project I did one stop shopping at our trustee Wal-Mart. I purchased red, long sleeve shirts (one for each boy) and I purchased some iron on transfer paper. That’s it!

I designed the “Heartbreaker” on my computer, then printed it on my home HP printer (onto the transfer paper), next I had to cut out the design and the final step was to iron it onto the red shirts. Seriously, it was that simple!! I just love having something so fun and unique with ease! That’s my kind of project!

I wanted these shirts to be somewhat custom to each boy so I added their names to the design too.

Here is how you can add your child’s name to the free download (in Photoshop or a similar program):

In Photoshop, add text like I did above. You don’t want the text to be too large as it will compete with the ‘heartbreaker’. When you have added the name and you like the way it looks, be sure to go to  LAYER>FLATTEN LAYER. Then SAVE! The download that I have provided (below) is already in JPEG format so you shouldn’t have a problem printing this from your home printer. By the way, this will print fine even without a color printer, black and white will still look totally awesome too!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Friends!

Here is your download link:  Valentine Design (679)

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