Master Bedroom Mood Board

A friend had asked for some advise on how she could update her master bedroom.

I always tell clients/friends/relatives… PAINT!! It’s the easiest, cheapest and quickest update with the most dramatic change.


to my surprise, paint seems to scare people away. I say JUST PAINT. And paint some more. Paint is great, I love paint, need I say more?

LIGHTEN UP – If your room is dark, go light. And out with brown, in with grey, white, blue… anything but brown in a dark room (or dark house for that matter). A light, neutral pallet leaves your options wide open and using splashes of color throughout the room adds drama and happiness.

For this Master Bedroom update, keeping in mind that my girlfriend likes neutrals and that she had already purchased the floral duvet (that is in the mood board) I tried to make sweet, simple ideas for changes that I thought she’d like to see.

AND, I always love to see a little DIY in every room. SOmething that you made that you can look at and be proud of, even if it’s small, something hand made is always essential in every room. I think it’s good for the soul. And better yet, showcasing something your child made or a friend gave you is bitter sweet when viewed by the artist/friend/child themselves. It shows you care and that you thought enough of that particular item to put it out for all to see.

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