Sunset before

Getting this new blogsite started has proven to be a LOT of work.

So just for giggles and to get things rolling, here is the canvas that I am currently working with: Sunset (that’s the name we call our pad in Flagstaff).

And HERE is a post with the kitchen now, in it’s current state.

And HERE is a more recent post of the boys room now, with hanging beds.

And HERE is a newer photo of the boys bathroom, updated but not finished.

No post on the playroom but it’s had some work done to it… see a photo HERE. Most of the time the door to this room stays closed {wink, wink}

A great canvas to work with. It’s dark and it’s boxy (a lot of “rooms” and not a lot of open-ness). But wow, there is so much potential here. Best part, nothing is major so we can just take it one room and one project at a time yeah right, like we ever do that.

And here is a shot of our awesome red barn (below is the before and after version) with our amazing view… ahhh, love!


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